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Sun Series


There's nothing new about vampire stories filled with magic, but this series is a take on both that is completely original. Be sure to check out the universe I've created in these stories and get to know the love and heartbreak of its powerful characters.

Until the Morning Sun

Until the Morning Sun


24 year-old Aeva has existed and survived by a somewhat sheltered and ordinary life. As a high school librarian, her life experiences have primarily come through the eyes of characters in novels. She's never really been in love, never travelled the world, and never experienced the adventures and magic life can offer. 

But all this is about to change when she discovers that her father, who died six years earlier, is not actually dead. Now, she must struggle with the very powerful form of magic inside her as she finds out that the paranormal adventures she's only read about in books are not-so-fictional.

With the help of the experienced playboy, Grey, she enters into a new world of vampires, magic, and at long last, love. But can she handle the horrors lurking around every corner when her life tends more toward nightmare than fairy-tale?

Future Projects

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Chasing Sunrise: Sequel to

Until the Morning Sun

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