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Love Stories at 190 mph 


There's nothing more exhilirating than the speed of racing, except maybe the speed your heartbeat reaches when you're around that special person that makes you weak in the knees. Based in the world of auto racing, these stories are sure to get your heart racing.  

Racing Outside the Line

Racing Outside the Line: A Love Story at 190mph


Alexis Winston has been obsessed with famous race car driver Seth Keller ever since her older brother became best friends with him. After her parents pass away, Seth’s father becomes her legal guardian, and Seth begins referring to her as “kid sister.”


But when she returns home from college a grown woman, she becomes determined to prove to him that she is definitely not a “kid,” and the spark that ignites between them is anything but sisterly. Now they must battle her brother, her guardian, and his fiancé, all under the watchful eyes of the media as they fight to hang onto each other.

Future Projects

Any ETAs will be announced on the
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1. Pushing Limits: Chelsea's Story

2. Aeropush

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