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Born and raised in the Bay Area of California, I was exposed to a very diverse group of people. Always shy in nature, I primarily observed people , that is, outside of my close circle of friends. I loved reading and writing where I was able to be outgoing and adventurous.  I wrote in many different genres but was always swept away by a good romance. After meeting my husband, and spending a massive amount of time at the short tracks where he raced modifieds (a type of racecar), I began my first romance novel. It was really just an attempt to entertain myself during the many hours of downtime, but I fell in love with my characters, with researching to maintain as much accuracy as possible, and with weaving together a story that could make the reader laugh and cry.

After reading Amanda Hocking's books and discovering her success story with self-publishing, I decided to self-publish Racing Outside the Line: A Love Story at 190mph. I figured even if just five people read it and got some enjoyment out of it, it would be better than simply sitting on my hard drive. Surprisingly, readers actually liked my book!

Just a few months later, a strange dream came to me one night, and it quickly morphed into my second novel, a young adult romantic suspense I titled, Altered: Setenid Blight. I loved writing the strange, almost supernatural aspects of Altered so much that I turned to writing paranormal romance and released, Until the Morning Sun. From there, I was hooked on writing.

While it's really difficult to face mean-spirited reviews (those who start with "I'm not trying to be rude/ mean/ a jerk…" then go right ahead and attack me personally), I've been bolstered up by the positive reviews and by those negative reviews who have offered constructive criticism (which I really do listen to and take to heart when editing). My fans (it's so odd to say that I have "fans") are incredibly supportive  in offerring to  betaread  my material and for encourgaing me to get another book out. 

Despite it being the absolute best fun to write  a romance novel, I have had to keep my priorities straight. My little girl, Lady Bug, is three years old now, and receives the majority of my attention. I'm also a public school teacher, which is more time consuming than anyone not around an educator can understand. I try my best to write when I can, and ideas are always coming to me, but I haven't been able to finish anything since my daughter was born. That isn't to say that I won't be publishing anything in the future, it's just that I can no longer predict when I will get future books out. My characters are too insistent for me to ignore, so rest assured, all stories will get told eventually!

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