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Accidental Texting


Perhaps you dialed the wrong number or were given the wrong number. Maybe you can't read the number written for you and then again, maybe they made it illegible on purpose. No matter the reason, it isn't hard to imagine a sending or receiving a text to the wrong person. This series of books jumps into the lives affected by wayward texting to find out where it could take any one of us. 

Finding Love despite the Spotlight

Accidental Texting: Finding Love despite the Spotlight


Morgan Edwards has been through a lot: being left at the altar by a man trying to use her, losing her mother to Cancer, and now she's trying to keep her mom's dream alive by running the Victorian inn they spent years restoring together. Her world is such a mess that she has no time for distractions. But when it feels like things are hopeless, an accidental text message manages to pull her out of this pit of despair and infuse a little excitement into her life. 


Sean Wilder has it all: fame, fortune, and a very long list of ladies who've shared his bed. But what he finds in the girl he accidentally texts is entirely unexpected. Too accustomed to a world where everyone has an ulterior motive, he's taken aback by Morgan's honesty, her sincerity, and her struggle to do everything on her own despite the incredibly tough spot she's in. 

While similar life experiences draw them to one another, can they fit together when Morgan finds out Sean's true identity? And can she find a way to fit next to him in the spotlight?

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