Author Kimberly Montague

Bobbo and Bang Bang

The Adventures of Bobbo and Bang Bang

Two Zany Guys from another world learning about the fine ways of our land.

Meet Bobbo the Icebat

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and Bang Bang the Ninja Bat

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Brought to our world by the great explorers Chuc Kabumbpo the Elegant Elephant and Melisande Firestar to learn the ways of a new and intriguing world. Placed into the hands of their teacher, myself, so that I might assist them in their attempts to learn our ways and educate them in the rich culture of our people. Join Bobbo and Bang Bang in their adventures as I post pictures of the important things they see and interact with.

Outing 1: Consumerism

We begin our travels with a time-honored tradition in my household–something that is considered an incredible necessity– the purchasing of nutritional substances for four-legged creatures occupying our humble abode.  The place to accomplish such a task: Tractor Supply Store.

While wandering the aisles of said store, Bobbo and Bang Bang took the opportunity to peek out of their travelling compartment in the soft-sided vehicle they ride along in (some may call this my purse) to view the strange and awesome things one may find at a Tractor Supply Store. Upon closer inspection of one lovely fountain, Bang Bang tumbled out of the vehicle and into the fountain pulling Bobbo along with him exclaiming the importance of cleanliness. I indulged them their moment before hurrying them along for fear an employee would get angry.

Melisande said we smell, so I pulled Bobbo in to take a bath. I had to go all ninja bat on those stupid birds. I totally scared em stiff. They like didn't even move they were so scared! Yeah! Don't mess with me!


Scaring Birds is tough work. I got all thirsty. But this stupid thing wouldn't work!

Outside, they convinced me that it was excellent research to allow them to test drive a tractor. There was a sign, after all, offering them the opportunity, so I thought there would be on harm in it. Unfortunately, I was mistaken.  They had a slight accident. But, it’s okay, the cow is fine and I’m quite confident that the old woman will recover quickly.


So there was this little fuzzy thing that ran in our way and I swerved one way and Bang Bang swerved the other way and then there was this black and white thing in our way and I swerved one way and Bang Bang swerved another way and then there was this old wrinkly gray and white lady in our way and I swerved... well you get the picture and then there was this tree, and yeah...don't tell anyone, huh?

After their ordeal at the Tractor Supply Store, I thought it best to calm things down a bit and take them to enjoy some fine American cuisine, so we went to Five Guys.


We thought we'd be munching on five guys, which really didn't sound all that tasty since most of you eat too much fiber, but were excited to find greasy yummy burgers at the placed called Five Guys. We concur that this is a winner in our batty books.

To show them the beauty of the countryside, we took a little drive off into Wendell and Zebulon and stumbled upon a Piggly Wiggly (only my second), but another great American treat I felt I had to expose the visitors to.


We like pigs, especially when they wiggle, but were disappointed to find no wiggling and no pigs at the Piggly Wiggly! So we bit some hoodrats hanging out in the font and ran. They didn't taste nearly as good as the Five Guys.

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