Author Kimberly Montague

Awww Moment #6… Friends Part 3

Part 3 in the Friends Aww Moments series: Here’s the skinny: Rachel is Ross’ sister’s friend from high school. Ross has had a massive crush on her ever since, but she was a year or two younger and more popular/beautiful than he was so he never said anything. When they get older, his feelings are just as strong, if not stronger.

One night, Rachel and Ross’ sister pull out an old home movie of prom night. On Rachel’s prom night, she was to meet her date at Ross’ parents’ house, but appears to have been stood up. To rescue her, Ross goes upstairs and puts on his tux to escort her to the prom. His parents are taping all of this including a sweet moment where Ross is trying to control his nervousness. As he descends the stairs to Rachel, he watches her leave with her date who has apparently showed up after all. Ross is crushed. Upon seeing this video, Rachel realizes how much Ross has always loved her and kisses him. Awwwwww.


Aww Moment #7



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