Author Kimberly Montague

An Amazing Blog about the Setenid Blight Series from Book Snobs

If you’ve stumbled upon my page or you have read my other books and aren’t quite sure about whether you’d like to try the Setenid Blight Series, Tyra of Book Snobs gives an excellent breakdown that offers you a solid glimpse into the series. She also succeeded in leaving me completely speechless over her incredibly flattering appraisal. Thanks so much, Tyra.

Not your typical YA paranormal romance! The Setenid Blight books are a tale of almost too real apocalyptic proportions.

This story literally gives me chills as the insanely talented author, Kimberly Montague lays it all out in a way that you can REALLY picture it all happening to a town near you, to a friend, to YOU!

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