Author Kimberly Montague


For three generations, the Montagues have been part of the racing world.

Little Ted in his dad's Sprint car

My husband Ted Montague IV, started out racing Karts (where he won a National Championship when he was 16).

Ted and his kart.

Then he moved up to racing Modifieds

The Modified named Billie

Me, our nephew Kyle, the trophy girl, Ted, and his father in the winner's circle at Stokton Motor Speedway.

After Modifieds, we switched to Late Models for a short time.

Our Late Model at Stockton Motor Speedway

We spent a while bouncing around between asphalt and dirt tracks, finally deciding to chuck it all and switch to Legends cars.

Our Legends car before the new paint job.

I often help him out at the track by acting as his spotter. This means that I sit high up in the stands or above the stands, and I tell him where the cars are in relation to him. I’ve always been a speed freak (with 5 speeding tickets in my lifetime, oops), so I find it vastly entertaining to be a part of the racing community.

On the city streets, we around in this handsome devil.

My race car: our new 2011 Mustang named Starbuck (named after Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica).