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My Furry Children

In order of appearance in my life:



Buffy came sparkling adorably into my world in 2001 when I bought her from a newspaper ad back in CA. She was just 2 lbs. of complete cuteness and a wild bundle of energy that fit in the palm of my hand. At a very early age, she learned that she was actually a HUGE dog. Chevy, my parents’ Mastiff/Ridgeback (he was over 6 feet from his butt to his head and weighed 150 lbs.) would run and hide from her. We think he looked at her and thought that she was a wind-up toy out to get him. Regardless, this incident framed Buffy’s reference for the rest of her life. Now, she takes every opportunity to tell the neighborhood how vicious her 8 lb. little self can be growling that she will chew you up and spit you out if you come near our house. However, when you stand next to her and I’m holding her, her little tail will wag a mile a minute and she’ll pull out all her adorable little stops to get you to give her attention. Little Stinker.

In 2004, she began attributing the capture of my husband to her own adorableness. When he arrived at our first date which was at a park that I brought Buffy to, he brought her a toy, and she knew he was a goner… one year later, she was in our wedding as the ring-bearer. Now, she rules the house with her enormous attitude.


Name: Buffy Susann Homer Montague

Bithdate: November 20, 2001

Me in my wedding dress on my Bompa’s lamp (she LOVED my dad!).

Weight: 8 lbs.

Breed: Maltese/Shih Tzu

Favorite toy: Moo Bear (a white bear the same size at her that moos I made at Build-a-Bear for her) and dumbbell

Favorite place to lay: Wherever she can get the most food/attention

I can’t help it I’m adorable.

Biggest annoyances: People who dare to walk near our home without gaining permission from her first and Kara who’s ALWAYS trying to play with her or shove her nose in her face

Favorite foods: French Fries and Pizza

Favorite outfit to wear: NONE, absolutely nothing, although she loves a little Eau de goose poop if she can find some to roll herself around in on the lawn

Buffy was the center of attention at the wedding (like she always is).

Least favorite activity: Bath and haircut time. Her hair NEVER stops growing, so every month we have to spend a few hours cutting her hair since she freaks out if we take her to a groomer.

Most lovable feature: everything. She’s my lovable baby girl, and will always be my first child.

Nicknames: Buffles, Buff-a-lot-a-puss, Buffle MicStinklekins, Smuffles, Bufflekins, Buffle-butt, Stinkie, Stink-a-lot-a-puss, Stinkerpot, Buffles MicStinkermeyer, Stinkermyer Bufflekins, Babykins, Sweet pea, Flufflepup, Buff Lickins, Stinky Bufflekins, Bufflemyer, Bufflestiltskin, Tinykins, Bufflemyer Stinkerkins




Our sweet Big Man

Shadow came into our lives in 2006 when my husband and decided to get a playmate for Buffy. I had never had a cat before at all, so this was a new and exciting adventure for me. We got Shadow from a rescue organization that was doing adoptions at a Pet store. The minute we saw him, we knew he was our boy. He was a tiny thing, just a baby, but he looked at Buffy with a face that said, “So you’re a dog, what do you want me to do, throw you a party or something?” He didn’t cower or run or even hiss, just looked at her indifferently. This continued when we took him home and he played, “oh, are you trying to bite my paw, here it is dangling for you to get,” then when she’d lunge for it, he’d snap it up and away from her. This began a lifelong love and appreciation for each other complete with playing like two puppies.

So small

Unfortunately, as Shadow grew and kept on growing (and growing and growing), our vet discovered a heart murmur which led to discovery that Shadow has a heart disease called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, which is the thickening of the muscles of the heart until it suffocates his heart. Because of this, we rented an RV to bring him to NC with us to prevent traumatizing him with a plane ride or staying in strange hotels. He’s a tough big man, and we do everything we can to keep him healthy and without stress.

Are you looking at meh?

By cuddling with him constantly as a baby, we turned him into cuddleboy. He LOVES attention, but only when he wants it.

Name: Shadow Ray Montague

Bithdate: January 1, 2006

Weight: 27 lbs. (his healthy weight is 25 lbs… he’s incredibly long and tall!)

The Big Man

I’m taking up an entire doorway with my long body

Breed: Tuxedo Cat

Favorite toy: His mommy and daddy and Ronan as well as any feather toy and bed mice (hand underneath the covers moved around)

Favorite place to lay: Laps, Chests, Backs, his chair with the furry blanket that he kneads and suckles on, the back of the couch where he is in prime swatting position, outside in the backyard somewhere.

Biggest annoyances: Kara who stalks him as if she were a cat, strangers, being taken out of the house, when Daddy takes his contributions away (snakes, spiders, beetles, and most recently mice)

Favorite foods: Cat food, cat food, and cat food, and most mornings cat food, also cat treats.

What? I’s comfy.

Favorite outfit to wear: his tuxedo, he’s such a handsome big man

Least favorite activity: Being carried inside when he’s in the mood to be explorer kitty, getting his claws cut, and being held like a baby while someone rubs his belly.

Most lovable feature: He’s so soft and cuddly and lovable. He sprawls out on you and keeps you warm, purring away loudly, and looking up at you with his big adorable Doh eyes. He’s just the sweetest big boy you’ve ever met in your life and a total ham. He knows how to look cute and uses it to his extreme advantage.

Handsome ShadowMan

The most handsome catty on the planet!

Nicknames: Big Man, baby, Shadohba, Shadowbobble, Shadohbala, The Doh, Dohmanji, Dohminator, Doh Man, Shadoh, Shadowman, Dohburt, Doh



Isn’t he the most beautiful boy?

Ronan is our first pure-bred pup. While we prefer to rescue our pets, we had a very awful experience with a rescue organization we adopted an adorable black puppy we named Brody from. They represented themselves as a safe rescue organization, but had taken an owner’s word about having vaccinated his puppies before turning them over to the rescue. Unfortunately, they hadn’t and the rescue did not spend the money to have them vaccinated in the event that he misrepresented himself. Brody got Distemper and absolutely hideously awful illness and we spent two weeks of heartbreak and over $2K to keep him alive. In the end, the disease attacked his brain, and we couldn’t save him. After that awful incident, we couldn’t take the heartache of going to another rescue, so we bought our teddy bear, Ronan from Foxhunt’s White Shepherds, a breeder in Florida (I completely recommend them if you want your own completely healthy and totally lovable fluff ball).

Ronan was my cuddly bear from the very beginning. He was such a tiny fuzzball.

It’s a rough life being a puppy.

Baby Ronan

He has always been the happiest, most lovable boy. He has what we call “Perma-Smile.” He is always smiling, always in a lovable good mood, always ready to play and romp around.

Back when Shadow and Ronan were the same size

Shadow hangs from Ronan’s long fur and Ronan absolutely LOVES it!

Name: Ronan Theodore Montague

Bithdate: January 9, 2008

Weight: 67 lbs.

Breed: Long-haired White German Shepherd

Favorite toy: His sister Kara, his daddy and Shadow. He seriously loves tennis balls and can jump up and catch them in his mouth if you throw it into the air. He also loves to play frisbee with his daddy and he absolutely LOVES snow! He’s a natural born snow pup and will romp around in it for hours if we let him.

Favorite place to lay: On the bed on his back with his feet in the air doing the “dead dog” pose–he’ll lay like this for hours and hours. He also loves to lay on the couch with his daddy, with his head on my lap, on his pillows, on his Cooleroo (a bed that lets the cold air circulate underneath him) or anywhere cold including the garage when it’s snowing outside.

Biggest annoyances: Kara when she is in constant motion mode and won’t leave him alone, and when daddy won’t let him go outside and romp around in the backyard for hours and hours and hours (he whines and whines).

Favorite foods: He only eats high quality dog food, high quality treats, and all natural peanut butter. He doesn’t even know what human food is, and is a bit of a picky eater.

Favorite outfit to wear: his pinch collar (he’s just too strong and too intimidating for strangers to be out in public without it) which means he’s going for a walk.

Least favorite activity: He’s always happy, so it’s tough to say, but he doesn’t really like to have his nails cut.

Most lovable feature: He is just the happiest boy. He is so good-natured and smiley at all times. His ears are his softest feature, they are just like little cotton balls, and he’l let you cuddle with him for hours and hours.

I’m wearing my perma-smile!

Nicknames: Ronah Bear, Ronah Dingo, Ronahvader, Rony Pony, Ronahboy, Big boy, Ronah Bearington, Bearington, VaRonah Bear, VaRonah, Ronah Verius, Ronahboy




Kara suckered us in like no one could imagine. She won us over in like twenty seconds. One fine Saturday, we went to PetSmart where we practically live since we seem to be always buying Shadow food. As has been the case in the past, they were having a pet adoption, and we walked over to look at the kitties. We often find it entertaining to be reminded of how small “normal” kitties are. As we walked through the kitty area, we came across two dogs in a small fenced area. Kara immediately caught my attention because she looks like my baby Brody that I lost as a puppy to Distemper. We got close to her and she jumped up placing her paws up on the top of the fence. Ted commanded, “Down!” and she jumped right down and sat her little bottom on the ground wagging her tail and looking up at us with what we now call, “The Kara Bear Stare” showing the whites of her eyes. And that was it–we were hooked. We adopted her that day and she and Ronan have been lifelong pals ever since.

She has some trouble staying calm and not jumping on people, but she gets so excited that she seems to forget her training momentarily. She’s a very good little girl when she’s paying attention to it, and she is a cuddlebug. If you give her half a chance, she’ll have wiggled herself into your lap without you even realizing what was going on.

Happiness is shoving my way into someone’s lap.

Name: Kara Thrace Montague (after Kara “Starbuck” Thrace from Battlestar Gallactica)

Bithdate: unsure (we rescued her) 2009

Weight: 58 lbs.

Breed: Black mutt, but we suspect Lab and Greyhound (she is always rooing–a trait specific to Greyhounds, and unfortunately has the Greyhound hips)

Favorite toy: Her brother Ronan and Bones or sticks to chew on–she LOVES to chew chew chew.

Look at those flopsy ears!

Favorite place to lay: On someone’s lap, on the bed with her head on my chest, on her brother Ronan.

Biggest annoyances: When she is asked to behave, she gets so excited her tail wags while she is trying to stay sitting.

Favorite foods: Anything! She scarfs down her food in about ten seconds. We have to put big rocks on top of her food so that she has to shove around them, slowing her down or she would seriously inhale the entire bowl in a heartbeat.

Favorite outfit to wear: Someone’s hand on her head. She’s a seriously needy pup when it comes to attention and love from mommy and daddy, but she’s a shelter dog who was barely recovering from mange when we got her, so it isn’t surprising that she seeks constant love from us.

Least favorite activity: Behaving, it’s just so tough for her because she’s so hyper, but she’s so incredibly sweet that you can’t help but love her.

Most lovable feature: She is the sweetest child. She loves to cuddle and her ears are so incredibly smooth and soft. I love to play with her floppy little ears.

I LOVE running! I’ll run circles around the yard all day long if you let me.

Nicknames: Kare Bear, Kara Beara, Skare Bear, Stare Bear, Chair-sitting dog (she sits her butt on our ottoman with her front paws straight on the floor in front of her, it’s so cute and proper).

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